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End of Life Guide / Death Doula

Advanced Medical Care Directive Planning | Once in a Lifetime



You are aware that death is fully guaranteed in life. Hundreds of people die every day in a hospital ICU and that is the last place they want to be for their final breath or where they want their beloveds experiencing their passing.




Call for a free consultation or send an email with any questions. If you wish to hire Holly Ann, a simple contract will be created identifying the following: who will be served, which individualized services will be provided, the cost, a time parameter and who is the person paying for the services.




This is an affordable service to most people given that it is a singular event. In living we routinely hire specialists to help with our homes and cars. We take trips, dine out, buy clothes for fun and gym memberships to fit into the clothes. We spend money all of our lives to ensure a good quality of life.

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