You are aware that death is fully guaranteed in life.

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Hundreds of people die every day in a hospital ICU and that is the last place they want to be for their final breath or where they want their beloveds experiencing their passing. But most people do not think about, plan for, or acknowledge that dying is on their life script. Our contemporary society has separated death and dying from the natural consequence of living to such a degree that most people are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the process. In embracing the fact that we are going to die we have the opportunity to create our best dying process and death, whatever that may be. It is a remarkably personal process.




Advanced health care directive, advanced death care directive, ethical will, identifying available personal and professional support systems, exploring options through education, getting clear on values, fears, challenges and wishes.




Listening to fears, hopes, difficulties and concerns, advocating for a dying person, facilitating family conversations, help in dealings with the medical and or hospice teams.




Swedish death cleaning, mobilizing resources for care and needs, pre and post death support to deal with household items. Legacy projects- audio, video, art, photography, eulogies, obituaries




Celebration of life while alive, home funerals, creating sacred space, grief and loss rituals, house blessings, house clearing, life transitions, lying in honor or wake.

Active Dying


Peaceful emotional and spiritual family support during this time which goes beyond the limitations of what hospice can provide, respite care, bedside care in the hospital, care facility or home, sitting vigil, mentor-ship immediately after a death to ensure that wishes are being fulfilled.

Ponder Yonder Party


A Ponder Yonder Party is a 4 hour event with friends. During the party there will be hors d'ourves, beverages and treats to enjoy while  The event is likely to be a party like none other since it’s theme is exploring personal preferences for your very own death. will be provided a physical copy of a planner and will be exposed to the process of working on it.